About us

The Family Firework Spectacular was started in 2007 by Mike Sansom and John Kennett. We had both been in the fireworks and events businesses for several years and reckoned that we could put on a firework display that would be really special. We hope you will agree!

We wanted to produce an event that was suitable for everyone, including families with small children who don’t want to stand around for a long time waiting in the dark. Our displays are early in the evening, starting at 7.00pm. We do our very best to start on time, and you can expect the first fireworks to go off within a few minutes of the scheduled time.

Our displays are carefully designed, and choreographed to a musical soundtrack that’s guaranteed to have something for everyone. It’s a massive display and our fireworks certainly aren’t quiet, but we recognise that our audience don’t want to be overwhelmed by noise. We have found that the musical accompaniment makes it less intimidating for small children as it helps them predict when fireworks are likely to go off.

We use local suppliers wherever possible, and have a great team of people that have helped us over the last few years. This year we are really pleased to be able to offer a much wider selection of food on site, with some top quality caterers from in and around Brighton. We work with the Argus Appeal as our chosen charity and donate a proportion of our ticket sales each year to help with their work in the local community.

Mike Sansom is Managing Director of Brighton Fireworks, Brighton and Hove’s leading firework company and sponsor of the Family Firework Spectacular.

John Kennett runs local entertainment and production company brightFX and particularly enjoys watching the display with his family.

Brighton Fireworks is Brighton and Hove’s leading firework company, and the only firework importer in the city. As well as a fantastic range of retail fireworks which are available all year round, they provide professional firework displays for all occasions and events. As well as working with conventional fireworks they are experts at special effects for film and TV work and present a range of explosive chemistry magic shows for children and adults. Their sponsorship makes sure that our display is the best it can be! www.brightonfireworks.com

Argus Appeal Each year we donate a proportion of the ticket sales to our chosen charity, the Argus Appeal. The Argus Appeal has been working at the heart of our community for almost 55 years and provides help to those in need throughout the local area by providing funds for a variety of benefits and causes, in particular disadvantaged children, the elderly, the vulnerable and people with disabilities. www.theargus.co.uk